Estate planning

People and assets have become more international. Family members may be located in different countries and many people have several residences in different countries. The reality today is that many German nationals have foreign assets and many foreigners have assets in Germany. Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging an individual’s assets in such a way that they can be distributed according to his wishes in a tax efficient manner either during his lifetime or after his death. Estate planning tasks may include devising gift plans, drawing up a last will and designating heirs or trust beneficiaries. The structuring and transfer of assets becomes much more complicated when the civil and tax laws of more than one jurisdiction are affected. 

As PSP also operates a family office, sophisticated estate planning services are also a major discipline in our legal and tax service lines. We provide a comprehensive range of advisory services related to the arrangement and control of an individual’s assets, structuring lifetime transfers or transfers causa mortis. Our daily business includes advising on cross-border cases involving the implementation of structures under the law of several jurisdictions. We draw up transfer agreements or last wills that comply with the law of several countries. We can also prepare tax returns under different tax laws comprising innovative solutions that minimise estate tax burdens or other taxes. However, PSP focuses on designing solutions that still provide a maximum of flexibility for individuals with multi-jurisdictional involvement.

Your contact person
Roland W. Graf

Tennis player and skier.

Qualification as attorney-at-law and tax consultant. He began his career in 1991 at KPMG in Munich and worked as a senior manager in the tax department prior to joining Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2000.

Dr. Hannspeter Riedel

Literature fan and hiker.

Qualification as attorney-at-law, tax lawyer and lawyer specialised in commercial and corporate law. He began his career in 1988 as attorney-at-law  and later as partner at a medium-sized law firm. He moved to Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2013.

Christian Palm, LL.M.

Skier and mountain biker.

Qualification as attorney-at-law and tax consultant. He began his career at Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2008.
Associated partner.

Our consulting services:

  • International tax planning (not limited to estate or gift tax)
  • Establishing succession vehicles such as foundations, companies or fiduciary arrangements
  • Safeguarding international structures by obtaining binding tax rulings
  • Valuation of personal assets and liabilities
  • Business valuation in preparation of transfers
  • Acting as neutral experts in mediation processes
  • Acting as executor or supervising executors
  • Providing legal and tax compliance services to heirs and teaming up with experts in the countries involved
  • Drafting last wills
  • Establishing gift plans
  • Asset allocation and tailored international structuring

Why PSP?

With our extensive knowledge of and experience in civil law and tax codes of various countries and our access to the network of DFK International and “best friends” in various countries, we are able to assist with best practice in the law of many countries. PSP – as a full service advisory firm – is committed to achieving perfectly appropriate asset structures. PSP has an extensive track record in assisting individuals with structuring their assets in a tax efficient manner and transferring their family business or stakes in large companies to the next generation. We can provide solutions that take account of the views of an experienced entrepreneur or individuals who wish to transfer their assets to the next generation in the most efficient manner, but also having regard to high ethical ideals.