PSP Case Study: M&A / Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction advisory for German or international corporate buyers or sellers and for families who are facing a succession solution is an important part of our business. Additionally, we have a strong client basis of private equity firms that constantly require our service mostly consisting of seamless financial, legal, and tax service throughout the deal continuum which ranges from support in taking decisions when entering up to the stage of closing a deal and beyond.

As M&A experts, auditors, tax consultants, and lawyers we are able to advise on all aspects of the transaction process. Many of our clients consider PSP as a one-stop shop for the whole transaction, especially in cases where small or mid-sized companies are concerned. Our team is composed of more than 15 specialists who are auditors, lawyers, and tax consultants having a successful track record in private equity transactions.

For more information on our transaction advisory services and references, please refer to our M&A Case Study.