Your Outsourced M&A Department

Every M&A project is different – that’s when PSP comes into play

On the one hand there is the buyer who has to deal with a variety of complex questions like tax, legal or financial parameters. And on the other hand there is the seller, in some cases an experience PE player who wants to divest, in others the patron of the company who must sell his life’s work and never had contact with a project like this. All these players must be guided through the process.

Depending on the special needs of the clients PSP sometimes advises in a limited area and in cooperation with other advisers of the client. Sometimes the client asked for a “full flaps” guidance. In the latter case PSP not only advises in its field of its own expertise like legal, tax or financial advisory but also coordinates other advisers, stakeholders and participants of the project.

PSP has a long lasting experience as an integrated firm of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors and has helped many clients to make their deal a success story. The brochure “Your Outsourced M&A Department” containing a series of case studies of the most recent deals describes the special approach of PSP.