PSP History

The history of the law firm Peters, Schönberger & Partner begins in 1979. While Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded their company in a garage, at PSP it was Christopher Schönberger's private apartment in Schwabing. Christopher Schönberger and Dr. Jürgen Peters met as colleagues at KPMG (then Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.) and subsequently fulfilled their desire for professional independence.

From the very beginning, their different professional orientations were to be bundled into a range of legal, tax and auditing services from a single source. However, in 1979, the year the company was founded, this bundling consisted of only one telephone, the cord of which had to be long enough for the then part-time secretary to pass the receiver from one desk to another as silently as possible.

From their living room, as it were, Peters & Schönberger offered their legal and tax advice on topics such as choice of legal form, double taxation, corporate succession, business splitting, builder-owner models and other issues with minimal technical equipment. However, this privateissimo soon stood in the way of ambitions to present a more professional image.

Thus, after only a few months, "Peters & Schönberger" moved into a noble building in the Italian Renaissance style at Maria-Theresia-Strasse 4a. While the beginning of their joint professional career had been characterized by understatement, this now seemed to change into the opposite, and the law firm first had to explain itself to its clients. The argument that a domicile from the founding years would fit in well with the founding years of a law, tax consulting and auditing firm seemed somewhat far-fetched.

However, the optimism of the founders proved to be justified. The law firm, which by then was called "Peters, Schönberger & Partner", grew rapidly. Bernhard Winterstetter and other partners and associates joined the newcomers. Towards the end of the nineties, it became clear that despite renting additional office space in the neighboring building as well as on Ismaninger Straße in the meantime, the space was no longer sufficient.

In 1992, the company moved to Schackstraße 2, a neo-baroque building from the turn of the century, which seemed to be an excellent choice, not only because of its size (3,000 square meters), but especially because of its location in the immediate vicinity of the university and the subway station. The direct proximity to the English Garden is also quite charming, as many employees now cycle through it every day on their way to the office.

Another trump card in the so-called "war for talents" is the canteen operated in the basement, where even colleagues who otherwise do not meet so often sometimes meet over chickpea curry or dorade. Further plans to set up an Italian-style Bacaro on the first floor, which would then also have been available for culinary and professional exchange with people in the university's environment, were ultimately rejected in favor of the canteen for employees.

A milestone of the firm was certainly the establishment of the PSP Family Office in 2000, which today has firmly established itself as the fourth specialist area and continues to succeed. Finally, in 2015, the PSP branch office in Bad Tölz was founded, with the aim of outsourcing fields of activity such as the preparation of financial statements, accounting or tax returns there. Today, PSP Bad Tölz works hand-in-hand with the head office in Schackstraße and is fully integrated into the firm's processes thanks to digitalized capabilities.

With around 140 employees, PSP is today one of the few law firms in Munich to offer multidisciplinary services in the fields of law, tax, auditing and family office. In line with this orientation, the circle of partners has steadily expanded over the years. Today, PSP has thirteen partners, 16 salaried partners and is one of the most renowned medium-sized law firms in Germany.