Dispute Resolution

Litigation, arbitration & conflict resolution
Expert Representation in Germany and Abroad

Are you involved in a dispute or do you want to enforce your claims? We will represent you before all state courts and arbitration tribunals in Germany and elsewhere up to the European Court of Justice – in contractual disputes (for example within a supply chain), in disputes among shareholders or partners, and in connection with product liability, D&O liability and insurance law.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Even at the drafting stage, we keep in mind that the true value of the contract only becomes apparent when problems arise. In particular, you should be able to resolve an incipient conflict without any negative impact on the business relationship. This requires resilient contractual provisions that enable you to make sensible use of the available options (courts, arbitration, arbitration award, mediation) at the right location on the basis of the proper applicable law. You will find us to be an assertive partner.

  • Corporate Criminal Law and Criminal Tax Law

    Compliance is often the trigger for complex corporate and tax-related criminal proceedings. In dealing with allegations, devising a defence strategy and selecting a defence team, we are on your side. We will defend you forcefully against all allegations, in preliminary proceedings, in investigation committees and in the trial in a criminal court, both in Germany and abroad. In cross-border investigations, we ensure that the defence strategy is suitable for all relevant jurisdictions and an often dangerous monocausal consideration is avoided.

  • Post-M&A Disputes

    As in M&A transactions, lawyers, auditors and tax consultants play a key role even in post M&A proceedings, which are frequently crucial for the success of the transaction. To minimise the potential for conflict from the very start, our interdisciplinary teams bring their expertise to bear in the drafting of the relevant contracts.

  • Family Companies

    Family companies always require particular experience, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts. We therefore already consider the chances and risks of litigation when family companies are set up and structured. In particular when shareholders no longer see eye to eye or when new shareholders are to be admitted or a new managing director appointed, clear rules are required at the very start to avoid disputes from the outset if possible. However, if a potential conflict arises, we help you reach a settlement, whether after a dispute or through a consensual solution.

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