Tailored succession solutions for your private and business assets
Protecting Lifetime Achievements Across Generations

The transfer of private and business assets is always a challenge. Draw on the experience we have built up over decades to preserve your lifetime achievements across generations. Starting from your personal situation, we develop the succession solution that is optimal for you regardless of whether you are seeking a transfer within the family or a family foundation or sale. The decisive added value comes from our integrated advisory approach, which takes account of all legal, tax and business issues. Incidentally, digital assets that you have created as influencer or start-upper or with your online work also have to be taken into account.

  • Planning Advice

    We design holistic succession plans for the families of entrepreneurs and wealthy private persons – and implement them having regard to all legal and tax aspects. We structure your business and private assets in the context of your particular situation (e.g. by using family companies, real estate companies, holding structures, family foundations). Our clients thereby reap the benefits of our expertise in all relevant tax, inheritance, family and corporate matters including those with an international dimension.

  • Inheritance and Family Law Planning

    Although it is impossible to exclude risks from the private sphere, these must not impact negatively on the estate. Accordingly, we draft wills tailored to your needs – also for the digital estate – as well as inheritance agreements, statutory share waivers, powers of attorney, enduring powers of attorney, living wills and marriage contracts.

  • Conflict Prevention & Mediation

    We always seek to avoid conflicts from the very beginning by providing balanced advice. If nevertheless disputes arise, we support you and your family as mediators and conflict managers. In addition, we offer solutions for inheritance disputes before the courts, disputes concerning statutory shares, estate distributions and proceedings before the tax courts.

  • Advising Executors

    We assist executors – whether they are private persons, bank advisers, family officers, asset managers, lawyers or tax consultants – in all tax, legal and organisational tasks. In specific cases, we also assume some of the functions of the executors. This averts potential bottlenecks and minimises liability risks.

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    Dr. Hannspeter Riedel

    Attorney-at-law, tax lawyer and lawyer specialising in commercial and coporate law

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    Dr. Iring Christopeit, LL.M.

    Attorney-at-law, tax consultant, lawyer specialised in inheritance law and in fiscal law