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Law and taxation for your real estate
Tailored Solutions

As a real estate investor, you operate in a dynamic environment. This requires specific legal and tax know-how, which we have acquired over many years. We offer tailored solutions to support you across the entire lifecycle of your property – from project development to leasing or sale and beyond. We are well connected, not only in Munich, and with us at your side you have dedicated, expert and experienced real estate experts.

  • Legal Advice

    Nearly every decision involving real estate has considerable commercial implications. We offer expert advice and experience – whether in landlord and tenant law, real estate transaction law, public building and planning law, the law of property companies, or in real estate-related environmental law. This ensures that your decisions have a secure legal basis.

  • Tax Advice and Audit

    The tax treatment of real estate is a special area with which we have long been familiar. In designing property transfers or devising financing and transaction plans, we create the best possible tax structure for your individual needs. For project and real estate companies, we prepare or audit financial statements, perform due diligence reviews and prepare the necessary valuations.

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    Dr. Christian Wiggers


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    Max Boettcher, LL.M.

    Attorney-at-law and tax consultant