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Each NPO is unique
Practical and Interdisciplinary

Many non-profit organisations are increasingly reliant on economic activities. Thanks our closeness to many NPOs, we are conversant with the tax and legal aspects of this particular environment. With our expertise, we provide services to foundations, associations, gGmbHs and other non-profit organisations in a practical and interdisciplinary manner. As we have a great deal of understanding for what drives you, our advisory approach always reflects the special nature of your non-profit organisation.

  • Tax Advice

    We always keep a close eye on developments in the increasingly complex law on non-profit entities and donations. We analyse your legal issues, advise you in tax matters – also if you lose or give up your non-profit status – and represent you in dealings with tax authorities and tax courts. We are especially familiar with the peculiarities of the taxation of family foundations.

  • Planning Advice

    Restructuring, outsourcing or cooperation in the context of foundations or NPOs. With our assistance, you create operational and legal advantages. We show where there is scope for improvement, devise customised solutions and implement these in accordance with your wishes. At the same time, we lower risks and allow you to focus on the fundamentals.

  • Drafting Contracts

    With our experience, we help you draft precise articles of association, funding agreements and other contracts. Whether in the context of sponsoring, the transfer of rights or family foundations, we always keep your documents fully up to date.

  • Annual Financial Statements

    We prepare or audit your annual financial statements. From the preparation of the balance sheet and determination of the annual results to donation certificates and asset statements and the confirmation of proper management, we know all about the peculiarities of foundations and non-profit entities.

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    Dr. Thomas Fritz

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    Hans Robert Röthel