Tax controversy

PSP‘s tax controversy services group provides controversy services mainly in relation to business tax, personal income tax, withholding tax and inheritance and gift tax (estate tax) as well as all types of indirect taxes. Our services cover national as well as international tax disputes and also include support services in connection with tax audits and any kind of tax inquiries that arise. Our experts are dedicated to resolving tax disputes with federal, state and local tax authorities as well as with foreign tax authorities in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We provide an objective viewpoint on tax law to better navigate a complicated and often emotionally charged situation. Our role is to manage the entire procedure of a tax dispute, which may, in many cases, start with the tax audit process. In this respect, we have a great deal of experience in the numerous alternative dispute resolution options available. This enables us to manage the entire dispute process with the minimal amount of pain and minimise your exposure, costs and the disruption to your business to enable you to focus on your life and work. 

The PSP tax controversy practice also includes former tax officials and is well-known for its wide range of experience and credibility with tax authorities, which allows us to successfully resolve your tax dispute. Our experts have an outstanding track record in developing innovative solutions to successfully resolve complex and contentious tax matters and are widely recognised for their forward-thinking approach. In addition, our extensive knowledge of tax codes and regulations in numerous jurisdictions coupled with our insights and audit experience enable us to represent your tax positions and secure a positive outcome. Since PSP also combines accounting, tax and legal expertise in tax dispute matters, we are ideally equipped to manage tax controversies from a comprehensive accounting and business perspective. 

In a situation where the case has already been presented to the tax investigation department or even the public prosecutor, we will get to the bottom of the accusations and present the facts to the authorities in a manner which is most favourable for the taxpayer. In case the contentious matter ends up in the criminal court, we take on board experienced defence lawyers with whom we have worked closely for many years. In addition, our firm has a wealth of experience in so-called voluntary self-disclosure procedures, which may become necessary if an individual has not prepared his tax return correctly by failing to report all relevant income or a donation/inheritance or if a company has not reported all the necessary facts relevant for income taxation purposes or a proper VAT tax return.

We provide innovative, efficient and quick solutions to your tax disputes.
Your contact person
Roland W. Graf

Tennis player and skier.

Qualification as attorney-at-law and tax consultant. He began his career in 1991 at KPMG in Munich and worked as a senior manager in the tax department prior to joining Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2000.

Stefan Heinrichshofen

Family father and soccer fan.

Qualification as attorney-at-law, tax lawyer and tax consultant. He began his career in 1993 at Haarmann Hemmelrath & Partner and was later a partner at Nörr, Stiefenhofer & Lutz. He joined Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2012.

Christian Palm, LL.M.

Skier and mountain biker.

Qualification as attorney-at-law and tax consultant. He began his career at Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2008.
Associated partner.

Dr. Stephan Wachter

Hobby pianist and squash player.

Qualification as attorney-at-law and tax lawyer. He started his career in 1995. After various jobs in large business law firms, he joined the M&A tax department of one of the big four companies in 2009. He joined Peters, Schönberger & Partner in 2018.

Our consulting services:

  • Representing and defending clients in tax audits
  • Handling objection proceedings before the competent tax authorities
  • Handling proceedings before the national courts and the ECJ
  • Preparing voluntary self-disclosures for companies and individuals
  • Negotiating with representatives of the tax investigation department and the public prosecutor’s office

Why PSP?

PSP’s expert team provides rare insights into best practices and strategies, with staff who formerly worked for the tax authorities. We therefore have a good understanding of the tax authorities’ viewpoint and provide clients with the best advice possible.